North Lakes Junior FAQ's

Game Days - Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:45pm

Q. How does my child join?

 A. You can register prior to the sign on days via the register link located on the Junior Competition tab. You can also come down to one of the designated sign on days.


Q. Can I enter a Team/Child before sign on?

A. Yes, you can register your team/child via the registration link located on the home Tab. Or contact North Lakes Oztag and we will send out all the appropriate forms needed to enter your team/child into the competition.

Q. How long does the season run for?

 A. 12 Games over 10 Weeks in Summer (Super Sunday included as we do not play in school holidays)


 Q. When is Oztag Played?

  A. Sept –Dec (10 weeks summer)


Q. How much does Junior Oztag Cost?

 A. A one off Registration fee of $85.00 per chil, Yearly Membership $11. 


 Q. What gear does my child need to wear to play?

A. Every child needs to have Official Oztag Shorts to play (cost $25.00). 

All players must wear same coloured shirts (team delegate to advise colour).

No metal or screw in stud type shoes allowed. Sandshoes are allowed but not recommended due to players not having a good grip.


Q. I have signed my child up to play Junior Oztag but don’t know what team he/she has been placed into?

A. We have a record of all players we have placed into teams. Please check the Individual Player list at the admin desk to see which team your child has been placed in. 


Q. Where do we find if games will be cancelled due to weather?

A. Details will be posted on this website and our Facebook page no later than 3.00pm on game days


Q. How long do the games go for?

A. Games run for 30minutes (15 minutes halves with a 2 minute half time)


Q. Am I able to register my child as an individual player?

A. Yes, this can either be done via the registration link located on the homepage or at one of the designated sign on days.  

·       We will place children individually into teams

·       We do our best to place your child into a team they will feel comfortable with

·       Please advise us of which school they are from or

·       If there are friends they would like to play with and we will do our best


Q. Can I make sure that my child is placed into a team with their friend?

A. We will do everything we can but in some cases it is not possible due to teams being full.


Q. What divisions are available for my child to play in?

A.BOYS & Girls

U6’s born in 2014            U7’s born in 2013

U8’s born in 2012            U9’s born in 2011

U10’s born in 2010          U11’s born in 2009

U12’s born in 2008          U13’s born in 2007

U14’s born in 2006          U15’s born in 2005



Q. Will Semi & Grand finals be played?

A. Finals will only be played in division’s U10 and above as divisions from u5 to u9 are non competitive age groups. This means no official competition ladders are kept


Q. My child wants to play with friends that are OLDER can he/she do this

A. We do not encourage this, however as long as the Parents and the child are happy to do this we have no problem as long as a consent form is signed.


Q. My child wants to play with friends that are YOUNGER can he/she do this

A. Yes this is possible BUT their can only be 1 year difference & a maximum of 2 older players within a team, PLUS the opposition will gain 2 tries for each of these players. This means the team would be 4 tries down before the game commences.


Q. My daughter wants to play in a boy’s team. Can she?

A. We do not encourage this, however as long as the Parents and the child are happy to do this we have no problem as long as a consent form is signed.


Q. Who & What is a Delegate?

A. They are your Team & Our Team Contact. We have many parents that sign up as a delegate to help organize a team to pass on any game times or any relevant information concerning draws etc.


Q. Does North Lakes Oztag provide Coaches?

A. Being a recreational sport, Oztag does not have coaches. We do however have development officers who assist teams grasp the basics of the game each afternoon we play. Just come up and see the admin desk to organise someone to assist your team.


Q. Will my child need to be graded?

A. Oztag does not grade teams or players. Oztag is a recreational sport designed for children to make up teams so that they can play with their friends. We have teams made up from school class friends, winter sport teams (netball, Rugby league, Rugby Union, Soccer etc.) and from individuals signing up.


Q. Does my child need to attend training each week?

A. No training days are scheduled for players. It is up to individual teams to arrange their own training days if they choose to do so. The majority of team’s do not train at all.


Q. Is their Representative pathways in Oztag?

A. Yes. Trials are held each year in October for players interested in playing in their division at the following years State Cup to be held in February for both Boys and Girls divisions.



If you have a questions that have not been answered on this page, please email us at and we will be happy to answer it for you